Image of a brain scan
Image of a brain scan

Academic Lead: Dr Jorge Cardoso

Clinical Lead: Dr James Teo

Clinical Area: Neurology

Partner: UCL Institute of Neurology

Stroke is the most common cause of adult neurological disability and the second commonest cause of death in the United Kingdom.

The severity of a stroke is highly dependent on which part of the brain is damaged. Simple measurements like stroke size are insufficient to predict outcomes. The complex relationship between stroke anatomy and outcome is a major obstacle to optimal care, especially in the initial hospital phase of most critical interventions.

The AI Centre’s work aims to generate probabilistically qualified predictions from high-dimensional models based on dynamically updated, large-scale historical data. We will be working on the Wellcome-funded High-Dimensional Neurology project in collaboration with UCL to combine both our expertise and the large clinical datasets held by our respective hospitals.

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