AIDE receives HRA REC favourable opinion

Topic: Governance
Both AI centre platforms given green light by Health Research Authority
Both AI centre platforms given green light by Health Research Authority

The AI Centre is incredibly excited to announce that our second platform, AIDE, has received Health Research Authority Research Ethics Committee (HRA REC) favourable opinion. AIDE is an intelligent tool that allows healthcare providers to deploy AI models safely, effectively, and efficiently by enabling the integration of AI models into clinical workflows without the installation of additional hardware and software. AIDE is a comprehensive system, encompassing administrative and clinical tasks as well as regulatory compliance. The AI Centre has released the code as open source, and it is now available to view on Github.

AIDE is poised to make a significant impact on the field of healthcare, opening new avenues for the integration of AI applications into clinical workflows. The favourable HRA REC opinion is expected to further bolster AIDE's reputation as a ground-breaking AI platform for clinical AI application deployment. Our practices adhere to information security, information governance, ethical and clinical standards.

It’s been a fantastic experience thus far to lead this effort of UK innovation and accelerate the adoption of AI in healthcare. It has come a long way since we started this journey back in 2015 and I am confident that with AIDE as an AI enterprise platform we can achieve AI transformation at scale. We are hugely optimistic for the future of this platform and cannot wait to see what we can achieve over the coming months and years.

Haris Shuaib, AIDE Product Owner, AI Transformation Lead, AI Centre

With the market saturated by clinical AI applications and tools, AIDE provides a fantastic opportunity for data scientists to deploy applications in hospital settings. The HRA REC favourable opinion means that AIDE allows for non-interventional evaluation of clinical AI tools in hospital settings. This can provide invaluable evidence on the effectiveness of these tools – an important opportunity for companies hoping to prove the reliability, and trustworthiness of their products, and deploy within hospitals.

Conversely, AIDE will provide hospitals and NHS Trusts with the opportunity to “try before you buy”. Robust, independent evaluation can be carried out before procurement begins.  If the AI product has been proven to streamline workflows and take some of the burden from staff, then the hospital will have the opportunity to permanently procure that AI application.

I am unbelievably proud of the progress we have made as a public-private consortium - both AI Centre platforms, FLIP and AIDE, now have HRA REC favourable opinion. This is a strong reflection of the values we uphold, and of our commitment to creating trustworthy, secure and reliable AI platforms that will act towards patient benefit.

Prof. Seb Ourselin FREng, Deputy Director, AI Centre

AIDE has recently been installed across 7 NHS Trusts, you can read more about that here.